Towards a
Sustainable Future

With the expanding business arenas, we can’t forget to nurture the environment for its selfless participation that yields us a maximum growth surplus.

Collaborative action & Innovative solutions

As realistic dreamers, we go all out to build the world we envision. We make decisions that safeguard our future and that of those on this journey with us. At Kelachandra, collaborative action and innovative solutions are key to our success when it comes to moving towards a more sustainable future. 

Responsible Business

We take principled steps that align with our values and ethics to demonstrate our commitment towards a greener planet. This reflects in GolfLinks Software Park, a joint venture that takes into account sustainability features during design, development and operation.

As our business arena expands, so do our efforts and commitment to give back to the environment.

Standing Tall, Together

We ensure collective growth while working in tandem with our employees and partners. Our team’s revolutionary commitment & trust is what drives us to do better, everyday. We’ve worked diligently on initiatives such as local education, skill development and community building, and will continue to do so in the future.

Straight from Farm to Cup

At Kelachandra Coffee, we support the growth of every worker on our farms in the form of opportunities for their partners, education for their children, and living spaces for their families among other initiatives. Moreover, all our estates are Rainforest Alliance certified, and adhere to the best sustainable cultivation practices.